SGG Climalit is a window with insulating glazing, composed of two or more glasses separated by a distance profile. This distance profile is defined by a sealed chamber with dewatered air or heavy gases, therefore it provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and reduces condensation on the inside of the glass. The sealing of the chamber is ensured by a double-barrier of an organic sealant.

SGG Climalit allows a glazing that offers a remarkable improvement in temperature, safety and acoustics compared to the old monolithic glazing, providing a convenient and comfortable atmosphere. No buildings are designed anymore which are not equipped with the quality of a double glazing, thus contributing to comfort and energy saving.



Insist on the brand SGG CLIMALIT glass for your windows. Check the 3 identifiers of each item:


The label provides information about the characteristics of the product (composition, thickness of the chambers, dimensions) and an identification of the order and its manufacturer, which guarantees the quality of the product.

Engraved tubular spacer with SGG CLIMALIT

The manufacturers of the profile engrave the brand SGG CLIMALIT and are entitled to make it available to the network, which are exclusively licensed by the brand. For this reason, the presence of the brand in the profile represents an element which indicates that we have manufactured a double glazing under the control and license of SAINT-GOBAIN GLAS.


A seal of the manufacturing code is printed on the glass, inside of the chamber. This seal identifies the manufacturer, the semi-annual and the year of manufacture. This small signature remains unchanged over time and thus always identifies a copy of SGG CLIMALIT.

The simultaneous presence of these three features assures the authenticity of the purchased product and the assurance of SGG CLIMALIT. If you want SGG CLIMALIT, demand the three features!